Danelectro '56 electric reissued with new options

Danelectro distributor JHS has announced that Dano's '56 electric guitar model is being treated to a reissue for 2011. Boasting the same retro style but now with a couple of new headstock and pickup options. Here's the press blurb…

"Lovers of the Dano singlecoil sound can pick up a 'coke bottle' headstock model in black (£349) or red/black crackle (£369). A white version (£369) comes with gold hardware and the beautiful 'bell' headstock, first used in 1954 on the very first Danelectro logoed guitars.



"Meanwhile, those looking for a chunkier sound can pick up a '56 with a singlecoil in the neck and a humbucker at the bridge for £369. Available in red, black and aqua shades, these models feature the slender 'dolphin' headstock, which also adorns the '56 bass (finished in black or aqua, RRP £349).

"All the new models feature masonite bodies and bolt-on maple necks with rosewood fingerboards - and the pickups are the famous Lipsticks we've all come to expect from Danelectro."

Prices and availability

'Dolphin' Headstock & Humbucker
DCG56HRD - Red. RRP £369
DCG56BK - Black. RRP £369
DCG56AQU - Aqua. RRP £369

'Coke Bottle' Headstock & Singlecoil pickups
DCG56BK - Black. RRP £349
DCG56BRD - Red/Black Crackle. RRP £369

'Bell' Headstock & Singlecoils
DCG56WH - White with gold Hardware. RRP £369

Bass: 'Dolphin' Headstock
DCB56AQU - Black. RRP £349
DCB56BK - Black. RRP £349

Available from March 2011. See JHS's Danelectro page for more.

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