Chris Martin reacts to Bono insult

Chris Martin Sticks and stones may break his bones
Chris Martin: Sticks and stones may break his bones...

Chris Martin has responded to Bono's assertion that he's "a wanker"… by revealing that he respects him.

According to The Sun, Martin commented on the U2 frontman's jokey barb in typically well-mannered fashion by saying: "I always thought he felt that way. I think it's great that we're arch enemies - that's a joke too.

"We respect any musician, particularly ones who have kept going and not changed line-up and have always been good."

It doesn't look like there's any potential for a public spat here, then - apparently, Coldplay have even been walking on-stage to the strains of U2's Magnificent while touring in Australia.

The Sun also quotes Martin as saying that he's given "the best Coldplay song of all time" to singer Natalie Imbruglia.

(Via The Sun)