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Check out The Verve's video to Love Is Noise

Love Is Noise...if you do it right
Love Is Noise...if you do it right

Love is many things in The Verve' s new video.

It's images of mountain ranges, synchronized dancers and slow-motion shots of flamenco dancers, falcons, and teenagers making out in an alleyway.

But mainly, Love Is Noise - at least that's what Richard Ashcroft says. That's him sitting in a chair in a dark room, away from the band (hey, didn't these guys just bury the hatchet? You'd think they'd, like, hang out or something). In any event, you can check out this neat little abstract clip on The Verve's MySpace page.

And by the way, contrary to what was said in a certain movie, love is ALWAYS having to say you're sorry.