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Can the Uberchord Guitar app replace guitar teachers?

We've seen various guitar-learning apps come and go, but Uberchord Guitar looks to be the most complete package yet, boasting "exclusive technology that literally 'listens' to you play and gives instant analysis and feedback like a real guitar teacher".

Available for free on iOS devices, the Uberchord Guitar offers a number of modes, including a chord trainer, which offers real-time feedback, finger correction and instant adaptation to your skill level, as well as an advanced chord recognizer, which claims to detect even the most complicated jazz chords, while a chord finder enables users to quickly look up voicings.

Elsewhere, a lesson editor allows you to assemble a specific plan for your learning progression - from chords to drum accompaniment, songwriting and alternate tunings - and a high-precision tuner is thrown in to boot.

Uberchord Guitar is available for free from the App Store - head over to Uberchord's website for more info.