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Butch Walker remakes Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me

So you watched last night's Grammy Awards and said, "Hey, isn't that Butch Walker playing behind Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks?" Sure was. Turns out, the singer-songwriter and in-demand producer is a big-time Swift fan.

In the studio, Walker puts his foot down for Swift.

In fact, Walker is such an admirer that he recorded his own take on Swift's pop-country smash You Belong With me and posted it - along with a most cool 'making of' segment - online.

Two days later, Swift tweeted of the now-viral video: "@butchwalker covered You Belong With Me and I'm losing my MIND listening to it! Blown away."

You can check out Walker's cover version below, and underneath you can see him playing the banjolin (part banjo/part mandolin) with Swift and Nicks.

Butch Walker's cover of You Belong With Me

Walker appearing with Swift and Steve Nicks during the Grammys

Butch Walker's new album, I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart, is due out 23 February 23 (it's available on vinyl 9 February). Each CD will come with a free download card of Walker's You Belong With Me cover. Count us in on that action!