Bugera 6260 120-watt two-channel valve amplifier head

Bring the noise, and tone
Bring the noise, and tone

Finding a guitar amplifier that can deliver both massive power and unique tonal capabilities can be as difficult as discovering that lost chord. But the Bugera 6260 boutique-style 120-watt two-channel valve amplifier head looks like it brings the right noise.

Designed for classic and alternative rock, as well as metal crunch, the 6260 combines massive power and road-worthy reliability. Whether you want punchy defined rhythm chords, sultry smooth classic rock lead tones or a huge wall of mind-blowing distortion, the 6260 provides extensive tone shaping abilities with virtually unlimited dynamics in a two-channel configuration.

The 6260's brutal power comes from four hand-selected and matched Bugera 6L6 power valves. Five Bugera 12AX7 valves in the preamp add up for terrifying punch and mind-rattling gain. Plus, there's wondrous detail in the fine reverb tails.

Each channel features a vintage-designed EQ section with bass, mid and treble. Both channels offer Classic Presence controls for further adjustments to your tone. There is also an impedance switching to match virtually any speaker cabinet, from four, eight to 16 Ohms. The amp comes with a four-way, heavy-duty metal footswitch for channel and effects loop selection to tap your favorite effects.

This boutique-style valve head is constructed using precision manufacturing, blended with artisan hand assembly. All in all, it appears that every point has been addressed. The Bugera 6260 lists for $739.99US. For more information, visit the official Bugera website.


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