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Bring me the head of Paul McCartney!

Laugh it up, Paul. Welcome to Karma
Laugh it up, Paul. Welcome to Karma

Sir Paul McCartney has finally lost his head. Well, someone's lost it for him, anyway. A waxwork version of the former Beatle was listed to sell at auction on Sunday, but the head has been left on a train.

Auctioneer Joby Carter had carefully stored the head in a bag under a seat, but alighted at Maidenhead station (UK) without it. The service terminated at Reading, but the head was nowhere to be seen. The whole waxwork is expected to fetch between £5000 - £10000 so, quite understandably, Mr Carter is offering a £2000 reward for the head's safe return.


If you've seen a mop-topped ball somewhere between Maidenhead and Reading, get in touch with Carters Entertainment auctioneers to claim your reward. If you're of the dishonest persuasion, however, and the idea of a waxwork head signed by the remaining Beatles fills your eyes with dollar signs: you're out of luck. Ringo Starr doesn't do that anymore…