Brian Eno reveals new album for Warp

...this was one of the more refined episodes of MTV's Cribs.
...this was one of the more refined episodes of MTV's Cribs. (Image credit: MARIO GUZMAN/epa/Corbis)

The limited box set edition of Small Craft On A Milk Sea comes with vinyl, CD, download and a host of Eno designed artwork treats.

We could use all sorts of phrases to describe Brian Eno: maverick producer, studio legend, ambient experimenter, cutting-edge composer. But there's probably no point us doing that, as it's Brian Eno, and you know who Brian Eno is, right?

So you know why a new Brian Eno album is always fairly exciting news; particularly when that new record is his first to be released via one of MusicRadar's favourite labels, Warp Records.

Small Craft On A Milk Sea, a collaboration with electronic musician Jon Hopkins and contemporary composer Leo Abrahams, is set for release on November 15th (November 2nd in the US).

As well as the usual CD and download options, the album will be available in a rather sexy looking box set edition (see the picture above) which contains all sorts of vinyl and artwork related goodies. A signed collector's edition, containing a print by Eno himself, will also be available.

Check out Eno's site for the full lowdown.

For good measure, listen to Strange Overtones below, taken from Eno's excellent 2008 collaboration with David Byrne. Just because, well, it's good.

Listen: Brian Eno & David Byrne - Strange Overtones (from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, 2008)

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