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Bret Michaels gives 'knockout' performance at Tony Awards

Bret Michaels unskinny bopped at Tonys!
Bret Michaels unskinny bopped at Tonys!

It was Poison's Bret Michaels vs stage scenery at last night's Tony Awards, and the scenery won a decisive victory.

Michaels, star of the MTV reality show Rock Of Love, had just finished performing Nothin' But A Good Time with Poison and cast members of the hair metal musical Rock Of Ages.

Everybody else cleared the stage on time, but Michaels, hanging back a second too long, turned and tried to walk off, right as a descending set piece gave him an unkinny bop on the head. Can you say, "Bam-o!"?

On Broadway, 'Break a leg' is an oft-used expression, a way a saying, 'Have a good show.' Last night on Broadway, the clotheslined singer added 'Break a nose' to the show-biz lexicon. Watch the video below.