Bob Dylan finally gets signature Hohner harmonicas

Hohner has announced a collaboration with Bob Dylan to offer The Bob Dylan Harmonica Collection. Being the world's most famous harmonicist, you'd be right to wonder why a Bob Dylan signature series didn't happen sooner.

That's probably because, like us, you're assuming all Hohner harmonicas are endorsed by Dylan anyway. He's been photographed with one in his mouth so often, his name is synonymous with the brand.

Still, the 'long-awaited' series has been dubbed by Hohner as "a next generation harmonica" featuring, among other things, a gold-plated reed plate and custom covers bearing Bob Dylan's signature. They'll be available individually in the key of C or in a box-set of seven natural keys of A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

Limited edition

For those seeking something a little more exclusive, Hohner has also announced some ultra limited-edition pieces. Based on Hohner's Marine Band model, hand-signed by Dylan and split into two collectors items.

The first is a box-set - seven harmonicas in the natural keys of C, G, D, F, A, B and E - all apparently played and tested by the man himself. There are a mere 25 sets available.

The second, slightly less-limited item (there's 100 of them), is a single boxed Marine Band harmonica in the key of C. Both come in an ebony display box with a letter of authenticity from Hohner.

The standard series will be available through usual Hohner dealers, while the limited-edition items will be available exclusively through Sam Ash Music at midnight, 29 October 2008. Prices for everything TBA but you can expect to dig deep.

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