BLOG: We're all digital criminals

Update: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
Update: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

So, news of an impending change to copyright law is everywhere. Considering the fact that by buying a CD and copying it to an iPod, we are breaking the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 - this is sensible.

At first, we ignored this news. Admittedly, we raised a collective eyebrow when remembering that technically - although we would never support illegally obtained music - we are all unsuspecting criminals caught up in digital uncertainty. But today's Copying music legally in the digital age piece in The Guardian got us ticking.

The Guardian reports that record labels fear the law change could cause a 'free-for-all' among music lovers and quotes Hamish Porter, a partner at law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse as saying: "There is a danger that it will be interpreted by the young as a green light to burn CDs for their friends."

Don't you think 'the young' or criminals as they are also known in some circles, are more likely to just download the music for themselves - illegally of course - than wait for a carefully mixed CD-R from their friends? Since the record industry has literally been 'brought to its knees' by digital piracy, will the changes even make the slightest difference to them anyway?

What do you think? Out-of-date laws? Illegal file sharing? Young people? Criminals? And while we're here: Is the mix-tape officially dead? Have your say below...

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