BLOG: The Strokes don't need another songwriter

The Strokes: missing since 2006
The Strokes: missing since 2006

Individually, The Strokes are busy making sweet, sweet music. Collectively, they've not worked together since 2006's third LP: First Impressions Of Earth. Recent solo projects have revealed penchants for songwriting to rival that of Stroke-leader Julian Casablancas, and should - in theory - pave the way for a diverse fourth album. Unfortunately, drummer Fabrizio Moretti thinks otherwise…

Fab, who is all set to release an album under the guise of Little Joy on 4 November, spoke to Planet Sound: "I trust Julian 100% to know where The Strokes should go next. If it came to a choice between one of my songs and one of his, then I'd vote his song goes on the record."

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture is currently doing the rounds with his band Nickel Eye - chiefly made-up from London four-piece South. Last week's conversation with the BBC marked the latest 'Strokes will return in 2009' rumour: "We are looking at going into the studio in February now and getting back to being a band again."


It has to be said, both bands resemble early lo-fi Strokes in more ways than one. In fact, if you told me that Nickel Eye's Brandy Of The Damned featured Julian Casablancas on vocals: I'd believe you.

Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr was the first Stroke to break free, dropping his first solo effort (Yours To Keep) in 2006. The rest of the band probably assumed a return to normality would follow, but Hammond delayed things even further with this year's Cómo Te Llama?

Usually, the mere mention of 'solo album' is enough to put me off, but so far I've enjoyed all these individual projects. When The Strokes do eventually reconvene in 2009, it will be interesting to see if newly-inflated egos demand some songwriting input.

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