Blackstar unveils Fly 3 mini guitar amp

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Blackstar Fly 3

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Blackstar Fly 3

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Blackstar Fly 3

After much speculation, Blackstar has lifted the lid on its latest creation, the Fly 3 mini amp.

The Fly 3 is a diddy three-watt combo, measuring just 136mm high, 171mm wide and 101mm deep - but despite its compact dimensions, it boasts two channels, a digital 'tape' delay and Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which shifts from American to British tones at the twist of a knob. Check out our video below to hear a few of the sounds on offer.

Elsewhere, a line in socket allows you to plug in an mp3 player for practising along with tunes or listening to music using the full-range three-inch speaker, while an emulated line out offers straightforward recording tones and silent use with headphones.

For use out and about, the Fly 3 can be powered by six AA batteries, or a 6.5V power supply (available separately), while the Fly 103 extension cab (also sold separately) turns the amp into a six-watt stereo setup.

The Fly 3 is available now for £49.99; also available are the Fly 103 extension cab (£19.99); Fly PSU (£19.99); and Fly Stereo Pack (£79.99), which features the Fly 3, Fly 103 extension cab and PSU. Check out our demo video above, unboxing shots and the official Blackstar site for more info.

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