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Blackstar expands ID:Core amp line with 40H Stereo Head

From Stereo combos to the BEAM, the ID:Core concept has been proven by big sales, and now Blackstar has added another model to the stable: the 40H Stereo Head.

Based on the ID:Core 40 combo, the 40H is a lightweight, compact head, which features two speaker outputs to take advantage of Blackstar's immersive Super Wide Stereo tech.

Elsewhere, the amp offers the same functionality as its combo sibling, with a 40W (2x20W) output, six amp voices spanning clean to distortion, as well as 12 digital effects.

USB and emulated line outs offer additional recording and output options, while deep patch editing is available through the use of Blackstar's Insider software.

The Blackstar ID:Core 40H Stereo Head is available now for £129 - head over to Blackstar Amps for more.