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Blackstar Amplification updates Insider software

Blackstar Amplification has announced an update to its Insider software, with plenty of benefits for ID:Series and ID:Core amplifier owners. Version 1.6.0 includes the Super Wide Stereo feature on all ID:Series models for recording/playback via the amp's emulated output or USB audio, and Super Wide Stereo on ID:260TVP live sound.

v1.6.0 Insider software firmware upgrades:

  • Super Wide Stereo now available on ID:260TVP live sound
  • Super Wide Stereo now available on all ID:Series models for recording/playback via the emulated output and USB audio
  • Super Wide Stereo on/off user-controllable via Insider and MIDI (CC #70)
  • Record ID:Series and ID:Core over USB using an iOS device and an Apple Camera Connection Kit/Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • Further recording improvements including an increased USB output level on all models, and a speaker mute option for ID:Core via Insider for use when recording or monitoring via USB
  • Various revisions, including noise gate control of ID:Core via Insider

Want to find out how to record onto an iOS using ID:Core or ID:Series and the Apple Camera Connection Kit? Watch the following video:

Here's the ID:260TVP in action in Super Wide Stereo:

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