Best of YouTube: #7

Anyone can play the theremin, even cats
Anyone can play the theremin, even cats

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. Here's this week's offering:


1. Pat Metheny with a 42-string acoustic guitar
Metheny plays the ethereal piece Into The Dream on his multi-necked Pikasso guitar.

2. Stu Hamm bass solo
Hamm takes a breather whilst playing live in San Francisco with Joe Satriani, and embarks upon an epic bass adventure - stopping off everywhere from Beethoven´s Moonlight Sonata to hillbilly country-slap.

3. Pink Floyd´s David Gilmour demonstrates the guitar parts from Breathe
Gilmour in the studio gives an insight into the building of guitar parts on the Pink Floyd´s Dark Side Of The Moon classic. There´s also a fantastic video of him playing Breathe on the acoustic guitar.

4. Nigel Tufnel on Joe Satriani
A short excerpt of The Spinal Tap guitar man talking about his experience of playing with Satch.


1. Mysto & Pizzi ‘do´ Britney
These two producers are regular fixtures on YouTube. Here they demonstrate how they put together their remix of Ms Spears´ Piece Of Me.

2. Scootermccrae´s Mono Modular
A man with a beard messing around with his analogue synth gear. There are three episodes to get your teeth into.

3. Conductor Hero
Find out how Nintendo´s Wii Remote is being used to give people the experience of conducting an orchestra.

4. DS as hardware sequencer
Via Create Digital Music, we learn that Nintendo´s DS is now being used to control external MIDI gear.

5. Cat plays theremin
Surely the title says it all? Via Synthtopia, see one of our feline friends purr-fecting its musical skills (sorry).


1. Keith Moon´s last television interview
The Who drummer Moon and guitarist Pete Townshend chatting about band relations, excess and the future of the band on Good Morning America in 1978.

2. Robotic Drummer plays Dragonforce´s Through Fire And Flames
The ‘force drummer David Mackintosh could be out of a job soon if this robot drum playing machine´s technique is anything to go by. It needs to work on its stage presence though…

3. Omar Hakim and Masayuki Muraishi drum duel
Hakim and Muraishi take turns soloing at a Roland V-Drum demonstration.

4. Travis Barker improvising a marching drum solo
The ex-Blink-182 drummer messing around in the studio.


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