Axl Rose goes all Twitter crazy

For Rose, life is sure Tweet
For Rose, life is sure Tweet
(Image: © Mate Nandorfi/epa/Corbis)

Axl Rose went on a Twitter jag recently, during which he slagged off journalists (the nerve!), said that he never banned Slash-related clothing at his shows's the best part, bragged about how great he smells.


In a lengthy 766-word Tweet, Rose raved about two Guns N' Roses surprise shows held during Fashion Week ("Fuck!! The NY shows were insane!! Love the free form laid back vibe n' both were completely different from r view").

He then addressed reports that he had forbidden T-shirts and other clothing items bearing Slash's image from his gigs: "Canadian tour n' Slash banned clothing nonsense: which I addressed live as soon as it happened but hey fake allegations from unreliable sources bein' negative n' all especially w/us n' these issues got more weight to n' 4 aholes. Fabricated from a 2001 bs RS piece from Rock N' Rio. Bottom line Never happened, end of story. Fuck TMZ, ContactMusic, Spinner (I got ur attitude.)"

Guess MusicRadar is still on his Christmas card list.

Rose also announced that he's hired Kiss manager Doc McGhee (we're off to a fun start. Big welcomes! It's nice to have the support!!), making no mention of parting with Irving Azoff, the mega-manager he hired in 2008.

Apparently, Rose was peeved that somebody somewhere made the accusation that his body odor was less than fabulous, for he comes out with this goodie: "I sweat nonsense: On ur mama! Really? That's what u write about? No shit! I work hard, it's good for ya n' I smell better than u!!"

And in closing, he takes a shot at a series of journalists and outlets that have supposedly wronged him: "Fuck the LA Times, TMZ, Contact Music n' Spinner. I don't need 'forgiven' for alleged n' fabricated nonsense. I've no respect for mean spirited aholes gettin' paid talkin' shit at other's expense or irresponsible biased partisan politics wanna be journalism by dated hacks.

"Go on! Back ur boy! But when he says he never killed no one that ain't exactly true. Yeah, that's right, stone cold. So if we happen to play your neighborhood or for that matter anywhere at anytime regardless of the circumstances, presales, public sales, give aways, even free shows consider yourself uninvited. It's a free country but you're formally n' publicly not welcome."

If you want to read Axl's Tweet in full (and why on earth wouldn't you?), it's right here.