Ask MusicRadar: what's the greatest Beatles song?

Welcome to Ask MusicRadar, a section of MusicRadar devoted to you - the all-knowing, music-loving community. This week we're asking: what's the greatest Beatles song of all time?

Why? Because this week on MusicRadar is Beatles Week. We're celebrating the release of The Fab Fours' remastered box set and Rock Band: The Beatles on the same day (9 September).

We'll be posting exclusive interviews and features every day while attempting to get to the bottom of that Yellow Submarine-sized can of worms that is the Beatles back-catalogue.

You can already vote on the best Beatles album (check the poll in the middle column to the right), and now we need your top Beatles song.

What to do now

Get involved! Choose your favourite and share you suggestion, and reasons why, like this:

Happy Beatles Week!

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