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An extremely useful list of free, legal music websites

The new faces of music distribution?
The new faces of music distribution?

The music and technology blogosphere is all over free music distribution websites like a rash. Changes and loopholes in copyright law mean that there are now plenty of free and legal (depending on what country you´re in) music download or music streaming websites to choose from.

If you´re interested in embracing new ways of consuming music, we´ve stumbled on a very helpful list of sites (thanks TinyDad). Here´s the rundown, take a look at the blog for full details of each…

2) Blip
3) Critical Metrics
4) Deezer
5) Free Albums Galore
6) Free Music Zilla
7) GrooveShark Lite
8) Hype Machine
9) Imeem
10) Internet Audio Archive
11) Jango
13) Musicovery
14) Music Search Online
15) MuxTape
16) Pandora
17) SeeqPod
18) SpiralFrog
19) Skreemr
20) Slacker
21) Songerize
22) Songza

By Tom Porter