Ampeg shrinks the SVT

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Smaller yes but no slouch with 150 watts in the tank

Smaller yes, but no slouch with 150-watts in the tank
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Probably the coolest looking bass rig in the world

Probably the coolest-looking bass rig in the world...

Since its launch in 1969, the Ampeg SVT stack has been the must-have bass rig for professional bassists across a broad spread of genres.

However, anyone who isn´t lucky enough to have a roadie will testify to the fact that hauling the 300-watt head and matching 8x10 speaker cabinet up a narrow flight of stairs into a dingy club can break not only your spirit, but bones too.

We´re genuinely excited to report that Ampeg has announced the imminent release of the SVT Micro Head (£339 UK street price), just 12-inches wide and 10-inches deep, but packed full of iconic tone and resplendent in the company´s classic livery.

Kicking out 150 solid-state watts, the SVT Micro Head also features a studio-friendly auxiliary stereo input that is blended with the headphone output to allow the player to easily monitor a guide or click track while recording either direct via the preamp out, or by mic´ing a suitable cabinet, or both.

Indeed, there´s no cooler companion cabinet for the SVT Micro than Ampeg´s new 2x10 Eminence-loaded SVT-210AV (£259 UK street price), completing the mini-stack look and weighing in at around 30 lbs, somewhat lighter than the 165 lbs quoted weight of the refrigerator-sized SVT-810AV.

The head and matching cabinet will be available in the UK in autumn 2008. For more information, visit the official Ampeg website.