Amazon sells out of Michael Jackson CDs

Want Michael Jackson music You might be out of luck
Want Michael Jackson music? You might be out of luck

Michael Jackson's death yesterday has led to an immediate and expected skyrocketing sales of his music and videos online.

After the singer's death was was announced Thursday, sold out within minutes all CDs by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5.

According to Bill Carr, Vice President of Music and Video for Amazon, 60 percent of the company's orders Thursday were for Michael Jackson music, which the executive calls "stunning."

Likewise, Barnes And Noble said that both its website and brick-and mortar stores are currently sold out of most Jackson CDs, DVDs and books.

Both companies say they are working quickly to get Michael Jackson products back in stock.

In related news, five of the top ten 'trending topics' on Twitter are currently Jackson-related and his death dominates Google trends.