AlumiSonic shows off the Extreme Custom

The AlumiSonic Extreme Custom
The AlumiSonic Extreme Custom

You're looking at the AlumiSonic Extreme Custom, a one-off 'demo' instrument built by the US' pioneering aluminium guitar firm to demonstrate some of the possibilities behind its custom build service.

Based around the firm's T-6 model, it features a combination of traditional magnetic humbuckers and a Graphtec Guitar Labs Ghost piezo pickup system, which also includes a MIDI output. There are therefore a number of intriguing control and pickup combination options at the player's disposal and AlumiSonic has opted to install them all on the Extreme Custom.

Read the full press release below to find out the full details and head to the AlumiSonic's Custom site to find out more.

PRESS RELEASE: AlumiSonic does it again by taking the forefront of Alumimania to the Ultimate with a combination of Midi, Piezo and Magnetic pickups with our "Extreme Custom" axe based on our "T-6" style body.

Imagine a custom Aluminum guitar with any pickup configuration desired in any body style featured on Each and every AlumiSonic guitar can be configured with a customized switch pattern for Piezo, Midi output, or both as well as remote Midi patch selection and a Piezo Mid/Dark switch, all positioned to each customer's personal ergonomic needs.

AlumiSonic is offering Graphtec Guitar Labs, Ghost" ® Pickup Systems for an incredibly authentic, studio quality, acoustic guitar tone at the flick of a switch, as well as the option of a 13 pin MIDI compatible output installed in any custom ordered AlumiSonic guitar.

In the T-6 Model featured in this article, the Ghost Piezo system includes 3 way select switches for both the 13 pin Midi output and Piezo system to select any possible combination of Magnetic guitar pickups with Midi output, as well as Piezo acoustic sound right off the bridge saddles.

Independent volume controls can be had individually or stacked. Each custom order will have its own illustration provided for approval that will be sent to verify that each guitar is exactly the dream guitar that AlumiSonic will build.

Be sure to visit the CUSTOM page on the AlumiSonic website for additional detailed information including MIDI and Piezo price upgrades available as well as other unique custom options for all AlumiSonic guitar models.

If you can dream it, AlumiSonic can build it.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit AlumiSonic

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