Alicia Keys and Jack White to record Bond theme

Just call them The White Keys? With Amy Winehouse out of commission, Alicia Keys and The White Stripes's Jack White will make movie history by recording the first Bond theme duet for the movie Quantum Of Solace.

The odd couple will team up to perform Another Way To Die for the 22nd James Bond movie, which will hit cinemas in November. The male half of the White Stripes, who wrote and produced the tune, will also play drums.

Interestinigly, during a recent interview, Keys hinted at a White Stripes collaboration, revealing she'd love to work with White and his bandmate Meg White: "They're very raw, very cut and dry. It's, like, drums and guitar. It's that simple, and I love that. I think that combining that style with mine, which already has a raw feel to it, and my voice, I just think we could do something really interesting that mixes rock and soul together, the blues and emotion, and it could be really touching."

When Winehouse dropped out, pop stars Leona Lewis and Duffy were rumored to be in contention for Quantum of Solace honors before the job was handed over to Keys and White, Personally, we'd love nothing more than to hear a little marimba with our Bond.

Joe Bosso

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