Guitarist uses Master Of Puppets producer Flemming Rasmussen's studio notes and Neural DSP Mesa MkIIC+ plugin to try and nail Metallica's tone

Neural DSP
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YouTuber LambChopper678 has form for taking deep dives into Metallica's studio guitar tones, and Neural DSP's new Mesa/Boogie MkIIC+ plugin has given him the perfect excuse to see if its virtual take on the modded model that the band used for its famed Crunch Berries amp can get close to the Master Of Puppets album tones. But he's gone further. 

Producer Flemming Rasmussen (who also helmed Puppets predecessor Ride The Lightning and 1988's …And Justice For All) made studio notes for the amp settings in each song's sessions. These include post-EQ and the control positions for the gainier MKIIC++ amp mod that's also included in Neural's suite alongside the standard C+. 

LambChopper678 dials them in, and then uses his good ol' guitarist's ears to tweak – trying the cab selection and boost Neural include too. He's thorough and chases down the tone with expert focus.

Some of Flemming Rasmussen's studio notes for the song Master Of Puppets  (Image credit: FWR Production)

The caveat is Hetfield and Hammett reportedly used Marshall cabs (possibly with either G12-65 or 75 speakers) for the album so there's understandably a missing part of this particular puzzle in Neural's package as a result. 

But based on what is provided… well you can hear the results for yourself above. Spoiler: this plugin gets very close. And it's €99! 

And if you though that was close, he's also had a go at the elusive Justice tone in the past with a real Mesa amp…

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