Godin Guitars launches brand new model: the three-pickup Radium

It's a simple concept but still rare to see in the guitar world; a guitar company taking two successful models and combining their best features to create a new one. That's what Godin has now done with its Stadium and Radiator solid bodies. Enter; the Radium.

The short-scale (24 3/4") set-neck model has got some attractive spec with a push-pull tone pot and an angled Super five-way switch that follows the 'natural sweep' of your hand for easier pickup selection.

There's also two distinct Radium's to choose from that differ in woods and pickup spec. 

(Image credit: Godin)

The Winchester Brown {$799) model's tonewoods combine a mahogany center with Canadian laurentian basswood wings with a mahogany set-neck. Pickups are vintage-voiced Custom Godin Nickel-Covered Humbuckers with a Godin Custom Cajun Nickel single coil in the middle.

The Carbon Black Radium ($749) has a Canadian laurentian basswood body with a Silver Leaf maple set-neck. This option features hotter Custom Godin Zebra humbuckers , and again features the Godin Custom Cajun Nickel single coil in the middle. 

(Image credit: Godin)

For more info, head over to godinguitars.com

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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