GEWA's new G3 Club 5 SE electronic drum set features five-inch-deep shells, and a Black Sparkle wrap finish

Following the success of its G3 Studio 5  compact electronic drum set, European manufacturer, GEWA has announced the release of the G3 Club 5 SE kit.

GEWA G3 Club 5 SE Shell

(Image credit: GEWA)

Now, that’s a long name, but as you’ve probably gathered, the latest G3 configuration sees GEWA adding shallow drum shells to its 'affordable' line-up. The module and triggering technology remain the same, but here, the triggers are fitted into mesh head-equipped drum shells for a more ‘authentic’ acoustic kit aesthetic.

The G3 Club 5 SE configuration comprises five drum shells, all wrapped in Black Sparkle.  We get 10”x5” and 12”x5” rack toms, 14”x5” floor toms and snare drum, and an 18”x14” bass drum. These are joined by GEWA’s cymbal pads, all of which are three zone giving us a two-crash (14-inch), ride (18”) and hi-hat (14”) setup. 

As mentioned, the G3 Club 5 SE also uses the same G3 module found across the G3 range, with over 900 sounds recorded at Berlin’s Funkhaus Studios, and arranged into 40 kit presets.

The GEWA G3 Club 5 SE is priced at £2,366/€2,690

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