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Get ready to rumble: Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z gets a haptic subwoofer that lets you ‘feel the bass’

Teenage Engineering rumble
(Image credit: Teenage Engineering)

If the built-in speaker in your OP-Z isn’t really cutting it, Teenage Engineering has a solution. The rumble module is the second optional expansion for the company’s portable electronic instrument - following the Oplab CV/gate add-on -  and is described as a “built-in haptic subwoofer”.

Given the name and description, we’re guessing that the ‘rumble’ experience is similar to that which you’d get from a video game controller; Teenage Engineering says that the device enables you to “feel your music”.

We’re also told that rumble uses “high-definition vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology,” and has a frequency response of 10 - 150hz. As well as offering subwoofer functionality, it also features a silent metronome mode to keep you in time.

Find out more on the Teenage Engineering website, where rumble can be purchased for £69.

Ben Rogerson

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