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Teenage Engineering releases the Oplab module, a $149 CV add-on for the OP-Z

First revealed at this year’s NAMM show, we can now welcome the Oplab module, the first hardware upgrade for the OP-Z.

Not wanting to just stick with software updates for its latest affordable synthesizer, Teenage Engineering has left a small part of the OP-Z open for the addition of this hardware module expansion slot. 

The module adds three CV outs and one Gate out to CV and options for PO sync and MIDI over 3.5mm via the included DIN adapter.

Those with a good memory may remember the original Oplab, the now discontinued cardboard-mounted, I\O Swiss Army Knife from five years ago. While the product may be dead, the name lives on.

There’s no word on what other modules are in the pipeline, but the Oplab should see OP-Z users who are looking to integrate with their modular systems right for a good while.

The Oplab is available for $149/£139 and can be purchased from the Teenage Engineering website, though it would appear that it’s only accepting pre orders, with the Oplab listed as ‘out of stock’.

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