George Lynch, dUg Pinnick and Ray Luzier rejuvenate the power trio format with KXM

Just having three members doesn’t make a band a power trio. The clue’s in the name: you need serious power behind it, and that’s exactly what rock supergroup KXM intend to deliver on upcoming second album, Scatterbrain.

Composed of shred legend George Lynch, King’s X frontman/bassist dUg Pinnick and Korn drummer Ray Luzier, KXM are now set to release the follow-up to 2014’s self-titled debut, Scatterbrain, on 17 March.

As you can hear from the album’s lead single, Scatterbrain is a tour de force of riffs, aggression and sheer musicality, made all the more impressive by the fact that all the songs arose from jam sessions in the studio. Kudos, gentlemen.

Scatterbrain is available to pre-order at Amazon or iTunes, while special bundles and signed editions can be purchased from Rat Pak Records.


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