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Fulltone readies Full-Drive 1 overdrive pedal

Fulltone has teased a prequel of sorts to its seemingly eternally popular Full-Drive 2 and 3 pedals: the Full-Drive 1.

Promising to capture the sound of a late-90s to early-2000s Full-Drive (minus the boost channel, natch), the JRC4558 chip-equipped FD 1 offers the full-midrange Comp-Cut, but adds a flat-mids toggle to capture the tone of other versions.

Also onboard is Fulltone’s ‘Enhanced Bypass’, which configures an FET buffer for a small amount of gain, retaining dynamics and driving cables without changing EQ - as seen/heard on the recent OCD V2.

There’s no word on availability or price for this one yet, but we’d wager we’ll have more info come the new year. Stay tuned...

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