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Fulltone releases OCD V2 overdrive pedal

The much-acclaimed (and much-cloned) OCD ranks among the upper echelons of overdrives, and now, 12 years on from its initial release and following several incremental updates, Fulltone has unveiled a bona fida V2.

Fulltone’s new Obsessive Compulsive Drive offers three key changes: an output buffer, which stops the pedal from being influenced by stompboxes before or after it; a Class A configured discrete 2N5457 JFET input section, which raises input impedance and increases dynamics; plus an internal switch to change between Enhanced Bypass and true bypass.

Enhanced Bypass is Fulltone’s solution to the ‘true bypass vs buffers’ debate, configuring an FET buffer for a small amount of gain, retaining dynamics and driving cables without changing EQ. Nifty.

The OCD V2 is available now for £144/$139 - see Fulltone for more info.

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