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Fralin celebrates 30th anniversary with Limited Edition Vintage Hot Stratocaster pickups

30 years on from their debut in 1989, Lindy Fralin’s Vintage Hot Stratocaster pickups remain the company’s best-selling Strat set, and now the company has launched a set of Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Vintage Hots.

Each single coil is hand-wound and signed by Lindy Fralin, and features 42-gauge USA-made Formvar wire, plus hand-dipped lacquered bobbins for a vintage aesthetic.

Other specs include a vintage magnet stagger with Alnico V magnets, white and aged white pickup covers, wax-potting and RW/RP middle pickup for hum-cancelling in positions two and four.

Just 30 sets of Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Vintage Hots are available now for $350 apiece, including free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

See Fralin Pickups for more info.

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