Focal’s redesigned Trio6 ST6 has a Dual Focus mode that promises to give you “three different sounding monitors in one”

To say Focal’s studio monitors are respected would be an understatement; loads of producers aspire to own them, and those that do frequently fall in love with them. The company’s latest release is the redesigned Trio6 monitors, the latest addition to the acclaimed ST6 range.

The Trio6 rocks an eight-inch subwoofer that features Focal’s patented ‘W’ cone, plus a five-inch midrange woofer and a new beryllium tweeter. This three-way design promises to offer sound neutrality across the entire audio spectrum, with precision in the midrange, power in the bass and excellent dynamics.

Focal has also implemented an enhanced version of its Focus mode - Dual Focus mode. This enables you to ‘focus’ on either one or two drivers, with Focal claiming that this effectively gives you “three different sounding monitors in one”. 

At $3,499 each, you might have hoped that the Trio6s would provide even more monitors than one, but the reality is that these are top-end speakers for the discerning pro. If that sounds like a bit of you, head on over to the Focal website.

Focal Trio6 ST6

(Image credit: Focal)
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