Fender's floor game takes another step forward with the Tread-Light Wah and Volume/Expression pedals

Fender Tread-Light Wah
(Image credit: Fender)

Fender's effects pedal line-up has welcomed the Tread-Light Wah and Volume/Expression pedals to its fast-expanding lineup.

At first blush, the union of wood and metal makes for a retro aesthetic that marks a departure from the Big F's house design, but the Tread-Light pedals are merely a variation on a theme. And there are number of clever features that suggest this is not just another wah.

Once again, we have lightweight anodized aluminium enclosures, albeit extended to a foot-long to accommodate a treadle. The under-treadle LEDs can be turned on and off, but they do look neat and will surely come in handy in low-light environments.

The Tread-Light Wah features an all-new analog wah circuit from Fender, with an adjustable three-way frequency selector and range knob for tuning its sweep, a switchable internal buffer, and top-mounted jacks for tidy routing.

The Tread-Light Volume/Expression is built to a similar template, only with a rubber rather than wooden treadle grip. It, too, takes 9V and has switchable purple LEDs to let you know if it's on or not. Looking to perfect those pedal steel country bends? This could be just the thing.

Both pedals retail for £79 / $99. See Fender for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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