Are Fender's new wedding rings a decent proposal?

Manly Bands / Fender
(Image credit: Manly Bands / Fender)

Well, we didn't see this one coming – Fender has partnered with Manly Bands to make wedding rings, and using some of the materials the former company chooses for its guitars and amps. Even guitars strings

And they do look good! There's six… um… models to choose that you can see below. From with The Riff to The Acoustic, The Electric, The Troubadour, The Sonic and for vintage lovers, The 1954.  

Materials include ebony, bird's eye maple, rosewood and Fender Tweed, with each ring made to order in the US. 

Inlaid guitar strings feature on a number of the designs, and The Riff features fretboard markers in its black zirconium.

Prices range from $495 to $850 and you can find out more at Manly Bands

Rob Laing
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