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Fender takes a load off with Lightweight Ash American Professional guitars and basses

Fender has quietly announced another run of Limited Edition electric guitars for 2019 with three new Lightweight Ash American Professional models.

The American Professional Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass are all offered in the new format, with the USP being - spoiler alert - their lightweight ash bodies.

Frustratingly, Fender doesn’t list the weight of the new models, so we have no idea how lightweight these electrics actually are.

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We do know they are offered in three tasty limited-edition aesthetics, however: Antique Natural with tortoiseshell pickguard for the Strat; Honey Blonde with parchment pickguard for the Tele; and Sienna Sunburst with aged white pearl pickguard, aged white pickup covers and American Elite knobs for the Jazz Bass.

Otherwise, the models’ specs are the same as the rest of the American Professional line-up, with V-Mod pickups, treble-bleed circuits and narrow-tall frets - although the Lightweight Ash Tele boasts a special ‘modern C-to-D’ neck profile, as opposed to the original’s ‘deep C’.

If you fancy lightening the load on your back, the Limited Edition Lightweight Ash American Professional Stratocaster ($1,749/£1,589), Telecaster ($1,749/£1,589) and Jazz Bass ($1,849/£1,659) are available now.

See Fender for more info.

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