Fender demos new Squier Paranormal guitars and basses

The Squier line-up is particularly good in 2021 with impressive Contemporary (opens in new tab)and refreshed Affinity (opens in new tab) lines but we have to admit, the Paranormal Series (opens in new tab) of electric guitars (opens in new tab) has us getting serious GAS. 

Originally a Fender-only series, the Paranormal models allow the company to get a little weird and wonderful with cult models and surprising specs. Take the soapbar pickup-loaded Cabronita Baritone Telecaster in the video above, for example. If you're on the fence, Fender's superb demos from Dan Ellis, Vanessa Wheeler and Pete Griggin here may just push you and your wallet over the edge. 

Another demo video showcases the cult classic Cyclone, Toronado (opens in new tab) and Super-Sonic (opens in new tab) guitars. The Toronado and Cyclone are babies by Fender standards, having originally emerged as Fender models in 1997 and 1998, respectively. The latter favoured by players including Placebo's Brian Molko and My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero.

The reverse offset Super-Sonic (opens in new tab) actually started life as a Squier model in 1997. 


And last but certainly not least is the stunning Paranormal Series Jazz Bass '54. A reimagining on the Jazz Bass if it had first emerged six years earlier than it actually did. 

Squier Paranormal Series 2021

(Image credit: Fender)

For more info on the Squier Paranormal Series, visit Fender.com  (opens in new tab)

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