Fender goes all-in on amps and effects modelling with its Tone Master Pro pedal – and FRFR cabs too!

Fender's Tone Master range of guitar amps has already reached a destination few may have predicted; some may have expected smaller pedals based on its range of iconic amps. Instead Fender has gone much bigger; the touchscreen-equipped Tone Master Pro pedal models 100 amps and effects.

Those include its own amps and pedals, plus the first ever officially licensed EVH 5150 model with the III Stealth, all recreated using the company's Tone Master modelling process. That includes the significant processing power behind its spring reverb emulation.

The 7" full-colour touchscreen with vibrant graphics depicting models, dual-function footswitch/encoders and LCD scribble strips sees Fender coming in strong. At $1,700 / £1,649 the Tone Master Pro is being pitted directly against units from some established modelling and multi-effects names. Is Fender too late to the market?

Fender Tone Master Pro

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What we've heard from the Tone Master amps already suggests Fender has a lot to offer. And the Tone Master Pro's 8-core processor will certainly help convince players otherwise, giving peace of mind for ambitious signal chains, and also allowing your delay and reverb trails to spill over.  

Right now there's few bass models and no mobile app for launch, but we've been told both will come. There is the Tone Master Pro Control App on Mac and PC, to edit, store, and even create setlists for your song tones.   

How all this 'no compromise' approach relates to the playing experience will be the real test – and we'll be doing that very soon. 

In the meantime you can find out more and buy the Tone Master Pro at Fender.com

Mission Engineering has also developed the SP1-TMP Tone Master Pro Expression Pedal with Fender that will retail at $175.

For those who aren't convinced there's something else you may want to consider – Fender's new Tone Master FR 10" and 12" cabs with three-band EQ and tilt-back stand. Yes; FRFR cabs that look like an actual guitar amp and not a PA speaker! 

The FR-10 is $499/£469 and the FR-12 is $549/£519.  More info at Fender

Fender Tone Master cabs

(Image credit: Fender)
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