Cory Wong gets a signature Fender Strat

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Funk troubadour Cory Wong is being rewarded for the loyalty he's show his Highway One Strat with a signature model based on it. But there's some interesting twists afoot with this electric guitar

While Sapphire Blue transparent satin lacquer finish seeks to recreate the look and feel of the Vulfpeck member's original, this signature model has slightly scaled down alder body when compared to a typical Fender Strat, and the American Ultra Series modern 'D' neck instead of the usual 'C'-based profile. Even the headstock is "slightly modified".


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There's enhanced sculpted Ultra body contours to make this a workhorse for home and stage just like Cory's own - including the neck heel for improved upper fret access. Pickups are a set of Seymour Duncan Cory Wong Clean Machine single- coils. Said to deliver "classic Strat quack and chime, fine-tuned to achieve his distinctive tone"

The Wong Strat features a maple neck , rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges and a compound 10-14” radius also seen on the Fender Ultra Series Strat that forms the core blueprint that this model is based on. 

There's a vintage-style 6-screw synchronised Tremolo, deluxe locking tuners, and the usual Strat versatility is further expanded with a push/pull pot on Tone 2 that bypasses the 5-way switch and defaults to position 4 for quick tone changes.

The guitar ships with Cory Wong hair tie (advised for muting the tremolo springs to achieve his rhythm tone),  a rubber strap lock washer set, custom neck plate and hardcase. 

The Cory Wong Stratocaster is available now for £2,179 / $1999.99 / €2,439.00. 

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