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Expressive E’s Noisy synth plugin could add an acoustic touch to your electronic sounds

We’re still waiting for the arrival of Osmose, its next-gen keyboard - look out for that one in 2021 - but Expressive E has released a new plugin synth, Noisy.

This contains elements of both physical modelling and subtractive synthesis, and is said to use the principles of acoustic resonance - think of the way that a string vibrates - to liven up electronic and acoustic sounds.

You get three resonators, each with two layers that can be occupied by a subtractive synthesis ‘dimension’ and a physical modelling one. Each preset (more than 400 are included) can be manipulated in four dimensions - either individually or together. Unsurprisingly, Expressive E suggests that its Touche controllers are ideal for doing this.

There are also effects that can be manipulated in real-time, giving you even more opportunities for expression.

Noisy is available now for PC and Mac in 64-bit VST/AU formats. It costs €149, but you can currently get it at a 40% discount using the code Sound on the Expressive E website.

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