Experience the joy of sax with Roland’s Aerophone GO digital wind instrument

As well as launching a Pro version of its GO:MIXER, Roland has also given the GO treatment to the Aerophone, its digital wind instrument. Despite looking pretty high-tech, this is said to be simple to operate and fun to play.

If features traditional sax and recorder fingering and comes with 11 built-in sounds, and could be appealing to both existing players and those who want to take up a wind instrument for the first time. It runs on batteries and comes with a headphones socket and speaker so that you can play in private or public.

A look at the specs reveals that there’s MIDI compatibility, too - both wireless and over USB. As such, we assume that the instrument could be used as a controller.

The mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor enables you to add expression with the likes of vibrato and pitch adjustment, and this also functions as a bite sensor. And because this is a digital instrument, you can transpose your playing without adjusting your fingering.

The Aerophone GO is Bluetooth compatible, which enables you to connect it to a mobile device and use the Aerophone GO Plus app. This allows you to play along with your favourite songs and offers various learning aids, and also features 50 additional sounds. You can use it to tweak the settings of your instrument, too.

The Aerophone GO Ensemble app, meanwhile, enables up to seven Aerophone GO players to perform together wirelessly.  

It looks like the Aerophone Go will be available at the end of July priced at £439. Find out more on the Roland website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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