ESP Guitars showroom opened in Berlin

An ESP Guitars showroom has opened in Berlin, housing some of the most exclusive high-performance electric guitars from the brand’s Custom Shop alongside top-line models from its Original, Signature, Exhibition and USA series.

Opened and run by Sound Service, the brand’s distributor for Europe and the UK, the ESP Guitars Showroom is available by appointment only, and allows players to browse from up to 50 models that rarely show up on the high-street or online. 

If you’ve been saving up for the best metal guitar money can buy, well, perhaps an Arrow from the US-built Original Series will fit the bill, or an Eclipse if you’re looking for that singlecut, solid-body vibe. 

We can't help noticing, however, those limited edition Kirk Hammett KH-2 Sparkle Ouija LTD models on the wall, which might be a little easier on the wallet than those guitars hand-build in ESP's North California Custom Shop, and with just 500 instruments available in each of the Sparkle finishes, they are sure to be collector's items one day.

Alternatively, a steam punk inspired model from the Exhibition Series or a flat-out morbid EX-style custom build with animal skull body might be more your speed.

Many of these US-built ESP models are rarely seen in the wild, and in such numbers. If you see one that you like, you can arrange a sale through a dealer of your choice.

This is basically Disneyland for ESP superfans without the queues. Simply book an appointment by dropping Sound Service an email at and shop at your leisure. 

If you're in any doubt as to how special these guitars are, check out Willie Adler's face below when the Lamb Of God guitarist unboxed his USA Series Eclipse.

Jonathan Horsley

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