Erica Synths Sample Drum and Plasma Drive modules are now ready to buy

Latvian Eurorack manufacturers, Erica Synths, has announced the availability of both the Plasma Drive and Sample Drum modules.

First up is the long-awaited Sample Drum, which, in a nutshell, Sample Drum brings sample playback, looping, slicing and recording to your modular system. Two identical parts can be processed in number of different ways, with tuning functions (including 1 V/Oct pitch tracking), virtual VCAs plus AD envelopes and realtime effects.

Such producers as Pitch Black, Nero Bellum, T.Raumschmiere, Otto von Schirach, Raitis AG have all contributed to the factory preset pack.

Sample Drum is available for €300, direct from the Erica Synths webshop.

Sample Drum features

  • Sample playback with fast trigger response (~1ms)
  • Various effects for real time sample processing
  • Sample recording functionality
  • Manual and automatic sample slicing
  • Cue point loading from WAV files
  • 1V/Oct tracking
  • 3 assignable CV inputs per channel
  • Preset memory
  • User-friendly interface
  • Performance mode
  • 16 GB SD card with factory preset samples included

Driven to distraction

Announced at this year’s NAMM show, the Plasma Drive is the logical progression for another Latvian-based firm, Gamechanger Audio. Originally deployed as a guitar effects stompbox, the Plasma Drive takes the logical step into Eurorack.

Instead of going down the oft-trodden path of LED, tube, or even transistor-based saturation, the Plasma Drive boosts audio signal to 3000V and transforms it into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges in a xenon-filled tube.

You can pick up the Plasma Drive, direct from Erica Synths, for €310.

Plasma Drive features

  • Unique distortion flavour
  • CV control over distortion and dry/wet mix
  • Assignable equalizer (pre- and post effect)
  • 1 octave up & 1 and 2 octave down tracking oscillators
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