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Erica Synths adds 3 new filters to the Black range that can combine for a mega modular filter

Erica Synths has added three new Eurorack filter modules to its ever-expanding Black range. including a High Pass VCF, Low Pass VCF and Filter Coupler module.

Both HP and LP filter modules can operate as standalone modules, while the VCF Coupler can be combined to add even more filtering features.

Both the Black Low Pass VCF and High Pass VCF modules are 24dB/oct resonant filters with voltage control over cutoff and resonance. There's also a cutoff CV attenuverter and an adjustable post-filter overdrive circuit on each module.

The Black VCF Coupler mixes things up a little further by adding on Bandpass and Band reject filters and gives you the opportunity to have manual or voltage control over center frequency and bandwidth.

The Black VCF Coupler is available for $109/€90 and both the Black High Pass and Low Pass VCFs are priced at $189/€150. Check out the Erica Synths shop for more info.

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