Epiphone gives its super-versatile Modern Figured SG and Les Paul a Mojave and Purple Burst makeover

Epiphone Modern FIgured SG, in new Purple Burst and Mojave Burst finishes for 2024
(Image credit: Epiphone)

Epiphone has expanded its Modern Figured lineup by offering the SG and Les Paul in two fresh ‘burst finishes, Mojave and Purple Burst, new looks for two electric guitars that might present players with a classic profile and shape, but with a radically updated spec.

The Modern Figured series is where Epiphone takes the lead from Gibson and applies a raft of 21st-century updates to of the brands’ most successful designs. The “Figured” part of the Modern Figured designation adds the sense of luxury, with a AAA-grade figured maple veneer on the SG and figured top on the Les Paul giving you that premium look on models that retail at £/$759 and £/$799 street respectively.

The “Modern” bit is where Epiphone does as Gibson did with its Modern series, recognising that the brand purists have plenty of options already, and ergo decide to throw the rulebook out of the window, wiring up the ProBuckers to a circuit that allows players to split the coils, use the pickups out of phase, and also a treble bleed too so that when you roll down the volume the instrument’s tone doesn’t get all muddy on you.

But that’s not all. There’s also Ultra Modern weight relief on the Les Paul which elides a great whack of mahogany out of the hitherto hefty singlecut’s body, making it much easier on the back, and there’s a generously contoured heel to help players reach the upper registers, while the necks have been refashioned into an asymmetric SlimTaper profile.

Yes, from the front, from any angle you care to look at it, this is an SG, and most definitely a Les Paul, but the feel is a more ergonomically considered.

Elsewhere, there are some familiar features, such as the LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop-bar tailpieces, others less so, such as the locking Grover 18:1 Rotomatic tuners with nickel tulip-style buttons, the modernistic touch of the clear Top Hat ridged control knobs, and just look at that SG’s fingerboard. Yup, 24 frets.

The Les Paul has a more traditional complement of 22 medium jumbo frets. Both Epiphone guitars have 12” radius ebony fingerboards, 24.75” scale lengths, and Graph Tech nuts.

The new Epiphone Modern Figured SG and Les Paul finishes are available now. We can file this release under refresh. But Epiphone has already delivered one of the biggest launches of 2024 earlier this month when it unveiled the Dave Grohl DG-335, one of the most eagerly awaited signature guitars of all time.

See Epiphone for more details. To hear how these sound in action, stick on a pair of headphones and check out the demo videos below.

Jonathan Horsley

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