Electro-Harmonix shifts up a gear with feature-rammed Slammi Plus pitch-shifter pedal

Electro-Harmonix has updated the Slammi pedal with a more traditional wah-style enclosure and some new functions to boot.

Ditching the free-floating and somewhat infuriating design of the original Next Step range, the Slammi Plus takes its design cues from the recently released Cock Fight Plus and Wailer Wah.

The treadle-based wah enclosure firmly contains the polyphonic pitch shifter to deliver a +/- three octave range. It allows you to transpose up, down, or both simultaneously. 

The newly added Dual mode outputs two pitches at the same time and can be run in either Pitch or X-Fade mode. 

In Pitch mode, the secondary shifted signal bends at the same rate as the primary signal. When in X-Fade mode, the secondary signal is set by the Pitch Mix knob and does not bend. The interval choices are in half-step increments up to +/-1 octave and the volume of the secondary signal decreases by sweeping the pedal from heel to toe.

The Slammi Plus will be available at a US street price of $168, soon-ish More information can be found on the EHX website.

Slammi Plus specs

  • Flawless, glitch-free transposing over a +/- three octave range
  • Three shift modes: up, down and dual
  • Dual pitch shifting mode where the Slammi Plus generates two separate pitch shift intervals simultaneously
  • An X-Fade function where the pitch shift interval is fixed (does not bend) and the foot pedal cross-fades between your dry note and pitch shifted note or cross-fades from one pitch shifted interval to another
  • Fully polyphonic all the time
  • More flexibility in setting the heel position’s pitch shifted interval
  • A Blend control that lets you fine tune the wet/dry mix
  • Runs on battery or most 3rd party power supplies, including the EHX9.6DC-200mA PSU
  • Rugged, weight saving chassis with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism
Simon Arblaster
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