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Electro-Harmonix scales down with the new Metal Muff Nano

When it comes to high gain distortion pedals, we've always been quite partial to the Metal Muff and although Electro-Harmonix has scaled it down before for the Nano range for the 'Pocket' edition, it lost a lot of big bro's controls. Now the Nano Metal Muff scales down the footprint on your pedalboard without the compromise. In fact, it gives you more.

The inbuilt noise gate is a very welcome addition indeed because it's pretty much an essential additional effect for metal players. 


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

This newly designed noise gate removes unwanted hum whenever you stop playing, integrating an adjustable noise floor threshold plus a dedicated LED to indicate when the output signal is muted.

The Nano Metal Muff’s EQ section features Bass +/- 14dB of cut or boost, Mid +/- 15dB and Treble +/- 10dB to allow it to cover a wide territory of higher gain tones. 


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

The Nano Metal Muff can be powered by a 9 Volt battery (included) or a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA pedal power supply and will retail for $72.70.  

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