Electro-Harmonix adds the Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter to its Nano range of effects pedals

We love Electro-Harmonix's Nano range; it's all about streamlining the analogue goodness of its classic effects for your pedalboards, so any addition to it is always good news. So welcome the Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter.

This new Nano version is an upgrade to the Micro unit; a smaller case and XX that's built for funk empowerment. 


(Image credit: EHX / Getty )

The Q-Tron Nano is a simply pedal to use; Volume adjusts the level, Drive controls the filter sweep's sensitivity to your playing, the Q control sets the peak for the filter and affects how dramatic the effect is. 

Added depth comes from the three modes that control the frequency range for the Q filter and as the video at the top shows, it's great for bass as well as electric guitar. 

The Q-Tron Nano is $106.40. More info at EHX

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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