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Electro-Harmonix launches Canyon multi-function digital delay and looper pedal

Following in the footsteps of legendary Electro-Harmonix delay pedals, such as the Deluxe Memory Man and Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai is the Canyon, perhaps EHX's most feature-packed delay yet.

10 effects are onboard - including digital types, plus a Deluxe Memory Man emulation and octave effects - with delay times ranging from five milliseconds to three seconds, as well as a looper.

A tap tempo with tap divide can be controlled with the pedal's built-in footswitch or via an external switch, while a tails switch allows echoes to repeat or cut off entirely when the effect is bypassed.

Effect types include:

  1. ECHO – Digital Delay
  2. MOD – Modulated Delay: Modulation is added to give the delayed tone complexity and warmth
  3. MULTI – Multi-tap Delay: Each repeat occurs at exactly the same volume
  4. REVRS – Reverse Delay: The echoes play in reverse. This is an intelligent reverse echo that analyses what’s being played for optimal accuracy
  5. DMM – Deluxe Memory Man: A faithful emulation of the tone of the famous EHX bucket brigade, analog delay pedal
  6. TAPE – Tape Delay: Simulates analog tape echoes including tape wow and flutter
  7. VERB – Reverb plus Delay: Each echo has plate reverb applied to it
  8. OCT – Octave Delay: Each repeat is progressively shifted up one octave
  9. SHIM – Shimmer: Effect generates a rich octave-shifted wash of harmony
  10. S/H – Sample and Hold: Senses a guitar being plucked and produces echoes indefinitely until another pluck is sensed
  11. LOOP – Looper with up to 62 seconds of looping time

EHX also promises there will be “powerful yet intuitive” 'hidden' parameters, accessed via a secondary knob mode for greater control. Intriguing.

The Canyon is available now for $185.40. It follows the company's pair of NAMM launches mere weeks ago: the Blurst modulated filter and Operation Overlord stereo overdrive/distortion.

We like the looks of this. A lot. But will it make our countdown of the best delay effects pedals in the world today?

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