NAMM 2017: Electro-Harmonix unveils Blurst modulated filter pedal

NAMM 2017: Electro-Harmonix has unveiled a brand new modulation pedal, dubbed the Blurst.

The new stompbox is suitably difficult to ignore and offers effects that fall somewhere between an envelope filter and the internal oscillation of a phaser or tremolo. It can be used with an expression pedal and has an array of sounds that range from the wah-like and funky to BBC Radiophonic workshop territory.

As with many of EHX's innovation, sonic explorers will likely find it worthy of investigation. Check out some of the example tones in the video above.

Electro-Harmonix blurst pedal

Electro-Harmonix blurst pedal

Electro-Harmonix Blurst pedal press release

Introducing the Blurst, a radical modulating filter. It's an effect often used on synthesizers, but we've designed the Blurst especially for guitar players and bassists who want to explore new sonic territory.

It features an analog, low pass filter with adjustable resonance, three modulation waveform shapes, tap tempo with tap divide and EXP control over Range, Rate or Filter. An EHX 9.6DC/200 AC adapter is included.

The Blurst is a must have for the experimental musician and works really well with an expression pedal, the EHX 8-Step Program and other control voltage sources. Whether used alone or with other effects, the Blurst's hypnotic effects are spellbinding!